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Animation is a bridge between the physical and virtual world.We are experts in Pre-Production-Concept Development, Story Boards, Background Designs and so on.

2D Animation

Flash animation is by far the best thing to ever hit the web. Flash has taken down the walls and limits of website design by providing an impressive way to portray messages and deliver animation. With its advanced animation capabilities, great quality audio and customizable interactivity, Flash will bring anyone's website to the next level. Our design team has years of experience using Flash and it is our favorite web design tool. Flash allows us to mix animation, video, sound effects and music; which add a mood and feel to your online presentation.

3D Animation

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and stand out from the rest, then 3D animation is a must. With the Graphics Arts industry getting better every day, it takes something special to top the rest. 3D Animation adds depth and dimension to any artwork. It can provide a sense of photo realism or take the viewer past the bounds of reality. With Creative Galaxy's 3D tools and experience, we can build and animate just about anything. Whether its unique lighting effects, realistic object modeling, or putting your imagination on the screen, we will bring your ideas to life.

Corporate Presentation

A Corporate Presentation is a virtually limitless rich media presentation. If you want to knock the socks off of your viewers with motion graphics or be able to provide a large amount of information that is easily accessible, Corporate Presentations are the way to go. With such a wide range of abilities these can be used for Sales Presentations, Product Catalogs, Training Tools, Annual Reports, Product Demos, and the list goes on. Creative Galaxy can design and develop an Corporate Presentation help you leap past many common business hurtles. Our goal is to deliver information to your customers or potential clients, which takes some of the initial work off of the sales team. All presentations are custom made with the state-of-the art animation and interactive development tools.

Animation Strategies

  • Discussion.
  • Concept & Script.
  • Illustration.
  • Animation.
  • Music.
  • Video Publish

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