Digital Marketing

Right now the biggest question which is there in every body’s mind is how to market their product and services in these trying times. Firstly, there is a lockdown going on so the regular business is stopped/affected and secondly we will not able to market our products (please read services also as a part of product henceforth) that we did earlier like making a visit to the clients and convince them to buy our products and also asking clients to visit our...


Website design is by far our most popular and in demand service. A website is a major part of the image of a business and should be treated so. Many customers will see the website before ever seeing the storefront or meeting a salesperson. In many cases a website will be the first impression of a business and should not be taken lightly. Creative Galaxy designs and develops custom websites for every customer.


Graphics that you include in your website, communication material and promotional content, grace each and every piece of collateral pertaining to your business, and hence, are probably the most significant entities to your business after its name given their visual appeal. If you have got a great idea and need someone to bring it to life exactly the way you want it, we are the graphics designing team for you.


Web Promotion is a collection of many techniques that serves to the purpose of promoting a website on Web for attracting more visitors to boost up the sales of website’s products and services. It includes activities such as Search Engine Marketing, Website Promotion to major search engines in context with good Content Development, SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Classifieds, Blog Posting & Directory Submission.

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